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transdermal relief for arthritis and joint pain

MSM glucosamine gel pain relief

MSM glucosamine gel is short on ingredients but big on pain relief;  formulated for joint and arthritis pain.

About MSM glucosamine gel

Transdermal delivery has long been known for better assimilation by the body.  It is more bio-available than pills or liquids which have to make use of the digestive process before getting to the problem areas.

MSM Gel for topical pain relief may be paired with Joint Symptoms (with some of the same ingredients) for those looking to do battle from both inside and out toward a healthier, pain free future.

MSM Gel 4oz Pump Best Arthritis Pain Relief Cream & Fast Joint Pain Relief

MSM Glucosamine Gel

MSM Glucosamine Gel for the faster relief of your joint and arthritis pain. It is proven safe and quickly absorbed to your skin because of its naturally formulated ingredients.


MSM glucosamine gel ingredients and suggested use

Ingredients in MSM glucosamine gel:  Purified Water, MSM (Dimethly Sulfone), Sepigel 305, Aloe Vera, Grain Alcohol, Bromelain 1200 gdu, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Propylparaben, MethylparabenSuggested use:

Suggested use:  Massage in, gently, about 1 teaspoon of MSM Gel into the joint pain area of concern.  Use up to 4 times per day leaving about 3-4 hours in between applications.  Check with your doctor if you have any concerns.  The first container will be used more quickly.  As joint pain is relieved and pain subsides, smaller amounts should be needed.

1 teaspoon (5 ml) equals 264 mg MSM, 26.5 mg Bromelain 1200 gdu, 26.5 mg Glucosamine and 13 mg Chondroitin.

Caution:  Keep away from eyes, mouth, lips, inflamed or broken skin, open wounds and mucus membranes. See your healthcare professional of choice if taking any pain relief medications which might affect use of this product. MSM gel is not recommended for children under 12 years old or during pregnancy or lactation. If a rash occurs, discontinue use.

About MSM glucosamine gel ingredients

It only takes a few great ingredients make a great joint pain relief cream.  Well, actually it’s a gel and it’s wonderful.

MSM (Dimethyl Sulfone) relieves inflammation in muscles and joints. MSM also provides sulfur to the connective tissue of the joint to promote joint health. MSM for relief of  pain due to inflammation and may improve mobile function in people with arthritis.

Bromelain a natural enzymatic anti-inflammatory from pineapples.  Bromelain is the most recommended natural solution by herbalists for the treatment of inflammation.

Glucosamine & Chondroitin work together to alleviate joint pain and reduce inflammation. Glucosamine stimulates cells to repair damaged joints and form new connective tissue, while Chondroitin draws the Glucosamine into the joints.

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MSM Glucosamine Gel

MSM glucosamine gel is short on ingredients but big on pain relief;  formulated for joint and arthritis pain.